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Top Russian Universities

If Russia is your dream country to pursue a course in Medicine, then embark on a journey with StudyexpertsRussia to fetch a seat in top russian and english medium medical university of Russia in a hassle-free manner

Budget Friendly Option

Foreign medical university admission comes with a mindset of huge education expernditure.But with StudyexpertsRussia, you can experience a sign of relief as Russian medical education comes with budget friendly option

One-to-One Service

We offer one-to-one personal guidance service to every student thereby clearing all his doubts related to Medical Education in Russia so that he can sail to the country in a smooth and easy manner without any hindrances

A multitude of Services on Offer

Apart from Admission services, we even offer forex assistance, visa assistance and pre-departure services so that you find everything under one roof and save yourself running from pillar to post in search of these services

We remain committed in assisting all concerned Indian candidates interested in pursuing medical courses in Russia. The universities where we will assist you to seek admission boast of amenities, attractive buildings, tranquil surroundings and library facilities. You can be rest assured of the truth that the universities where you can expect to enroll in the medical courses will qualify as the ideal learning place. There are a number of pros that will force you in believing the importance of seeking the services made available by our team of experts.


Myriad Of Advantages

Our team of experts will assist you in finding the medical universities in Russia that can impart the best quality education. A few among many of the advantages that you can relate along with us can be enumerated within a few points:

  • Assist you in choosing colleges from a wide range
  • Provide you with the best college database
  • Stands as an expert in career guidance
  • Expert in the field of career guidance

The reason as to why; we are able to guarantee our success is because we are a firm believer of the fact that success in modern days depends upon the availability of relevant, timely and accurate information.


Provide Relevant Facts

It has been since the last ten years that we have been associated along with this industry. Primarily, it is as a result of the long association that our team of professionals will assist you to make a choice from an array of courses. You also get heartened in learning that our team of guidance experts can also offer you in benefiting from relevant facts and details regarding the recognition and accreditation of colleges/universities. Apart from the same, we also make available for you details and information that are made available by different Universities.


Provide Specialized Attention

Our team of experts extend services in such a manner that you will face minimum difficulty while enrolling in the different international universities. Proper admission guidance is offered by means of providing specialized attention to your application procedure and highlighting all the essential areas that will prove to be of real advantage such that a well presented application can be made. Apart from the same, our team of guidance professionals is always willing to assist you with Statement of Purpose and References, as well. We understand the importance of maintaining a proper follow up with the different Universities so as to be able to benefit from quick and positive response.

Apart from the same, a few of the other ways in which we can assist you can be as enumerated as below:

  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Post Arrival Guidance
  • Pre Departure Briefings
  • Travel Assistance

Our team of experts will ensure that you are kept at constant touch along with Colleges/Universities ensuring that you do not face the least problem while searching for the right kind of course and accommodation facilities. Since our specialist counselors hold expertise in their field, there is not a single area pertaining to which we would not be able to lend assistance. We are making a constant effort, in order, to improve the guidance services that we make available.

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Is it necessary for me to hold a college degree to apply to a medical school?

There is no such restriction that you need to have a college degree, in order, to be able to apply for the same. It is important that you have minimum ninety hours of college coursework.

Will it be possible for me to schedule an appointment for counseling?

It is always a nice thought to fix a meeting along with a premedical advisor, in order, to be able to benefit from counseling services. In order to be on the safe side, it is important to apply to different premedical advisors and medical educational institutions.

As a student, do I need to give an entrance examination to be able to join a university in Russia?

You are not required to appear for any type of entrance examination so as to be able to join a university in Russia. In order to seek admission in the Graduate courses, the marks obtained in the twelfth standard is solely taken into account. The admission to the courses is provided on a first come first serve basis.

Are there any types of scholarships or grants available?

The government of the Russian Federation remains accountable for subsidizing the education in Russia. Hence, there are no separate grants and scholarships that are offered by the individual universities you are contemplating to seek admission. In this respect, you can expect to avail the rewarding advantages of the bank loans that are made available by the private, nationalized and co-operative banks.